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Our Process


IUP data review


IUP submits data to its selected vendor partners


Vendor provides coverage and financial quotes


IUP completes final proposal for broker


Broker consults with client

Consultancy Services to Corporate HR Professionals 

HR professionals must continually evaluate their medical plans with existing carriers to ensure demonstrable ROI with company dollars as part of the corporate business plan.

Serving employer groups from 50 to 5,000, IUP selects the most appropriate carrier that will work with benefit managers to evaluate existing programs. The process includes analyzing each component and addressing any underlying design or service issues. Based upon the findings, coverage is retooled, incorporating new, client-specific solutions to create a customized/right-sized plan. At our client’s option, IUP will review the entire benefits program or only specific areas.

Partner with Insurance Brokers

Facing the challenges of business consolidation and large competitors, independent benefit brokers need critical resources to maintain client relationships and grow their businesses. Working as a business partner, IUP can attend face-to-face client meetings, providing consulting and underwriting guidance in the development of a group health insurance solution.

Available when you need us, our staff will identify the best suited coverage options for each client situation from a broad array of “A” rated carriers. IUP will also market your services, when appropriate, to our client base to help build new relationships.