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Our Services

Services for Brokers, Consultants and Benefit Professionals 

IUP works with independent benefit managers, consultants, insurance brokers and third-party administrators to deliver first-class health care programs by leveraging existing carrier relationships, resolving service issues and formulating new, cost-effective benefit solutions.

Experienced in all areas of health insurance, including stop loss, medical, dental, life and disability, prescription drug and wellness, IUP maintains a superior carrier network to quickly identify the right resources to create and optimize a comprehensive health care benefits strategy.

Our mission is to successfully deliver to employers of all sizes intelligent, cost-effective health care solutions for their employees. Serving a broad range of employer groups from 50 to 5,000, IUP selects the most appropriate carrier to meet the objectives of benefit managers and their representatives.

During the process, existing programs are analyzed to determine the value of each component while addressing any underlying design or service issues. Coverage is retooled, incorporating new, client-specific solutions. IUP will address an entire program or just the segment that requires evaluation.

An Experienced Partner to Help Your Business Grow 

Independent benefit brokers face the dual challenges of business consolidation and larger competitors. IUP provides critical resources to help maintain and grow client relationships. Working as a partner, IUP is available to attend client meetings, and provide consultative support and underwriting guidance.

Our staff will identify the appropriate coverage options for each client situation from a broad array of “A” rated carriers. Upon request, IUP will introduce your services to our client base, expanding your opportunities.

Our extensive underwriting and industry relationships give IUP an understanding of the underwriter best suited to each group, assuring our broker-partners deliver customized products and services that meet their clients’ objectives.

Our Products

Medical Stop Loss Coverage
Specific and Aggregate coverage for self-funded medical plans available in a
variety of deductibles.
Basic Group Term Life and Accident
Basic life and accident insurance for employees available in a broad range of dollar amounts and multiples.
Supplemental Group Term Life
Additional coverage for employees in amounts determined by each employee based on need.
Long-Term Disability
LTD coverage replaces a significant portion of income during an extended illness or disability.
Short-Term Disability
STD coverage replaces a percentage of salary during a short-term illness or disability.
Ancillary Coverage
Coverage for different types of situations, including cancer, other critical illnesses, unreimbursed medical expenses and extended disabilities.